Starting from 2016
The Center for Science, Religion and Philosophy Programs (SRPh) is the legal successor of the former educational institution -
ST. Petersburg School
of Religion & Philosophy (SRPh),
Russia (1992-2016)
Theological Education
The first in Russia to develop a theological education curriculum for students of secular universities.
Gave the opportunity to more than 2000 domestic and foreign students to participate in a unique educational process.
In collaboration with domestic and Western partners and foundations, SRPh held more than 50 international conferences in Russia and abroad (in England, Germany, Greece, USA, France, Czech Republic).

Over 40 books and collective monographs have been published on theology, philosophy of the 20th century, the dialogue of science and religion.
Advisory assistance
Provided advisory assistance in the development of religious and social issues for the North-West Federal District by order of the President of the Russian Federation.
Held two Easter festivals "Easter in Solovki" in the detention center "Crosses-1".
International programs
Developed the concepts of the programs "Science and Faith", "Vision of Beauty", "Phenomenology and Aristotle".

Public discussions
The first in Russia to raise the public discussion on theology after the Gulag and Auschwitz.
Organized more than 2000 public speeches of famous scientists, philosophers and theologians in Russia


To unite those who love Christ, love peace, not war, who seek friends, not enemies, who are interested in life, not politics, who have experience of genuine reconciliation in church, culture and society.

About The Program Visions of Beauty
The St. Petersburg Center for Science Religion and Philosophy Programs (SRPh) organizes the international Christian program "Visions of Beauty" (VOB) in the form of: lectures, discussions, round tables, excursions, interviews, master-classes, pilgrim trips, and visits to holy places in Russia and abroad, with the participation of professional lecturers, scientists, museum workers and priests.

Starting from 2011 more than 200 local and Western participants took part in the VOB program. Participants - theologians, priests, sisters of mercy, philosophers, scientists, artists and art historians, students and graduate students from Russia and other countries.
We provide inspiring ideas
lectures, discussions, round tables, excursions, interviews, master-classes, pilgrim trips, and visits to holy places in Russia and abroad
Church Choir Singing.
2011, a group from The Netherlands.
Form: master classes, excursions.
Musical Heritage of P.I. Tchaikovsky.
2011, a group The Netherlands
Form: workshop, excursions.
Philosophical Introduction: Aesthetics of Art Collections in St. Petersburg
2012 mixed group from America, India, China, Korea, Russia, Scotland, Tajikistan
Form: round tables, excursions.
Aesthetics of Humanitarian.
Love and Nature.
2013, mixed group from America, Russia, China. Form: workshops, excursions in USA.
The Thousand Year History
of Russian Orthodoxy
2014. mixed group from England, Australia and Scotland.
Form: pilgrimage in Russia.
The Legacy of Ancient Greece
in the Era of Globalization.
2015. mixed group from America, Greece, Italy.
Form: seminar and pilgrimage in Greece.
Russian Spirituality: Monastic and Secular.
2018. group from Australia.
Form: lectures, pilgrimage trip.
Australian sisters participate in icon master-class in St-Petersburg, 2005.
The results of that master-class can be seen as follows.
We are open for cooperation
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